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Version: 3.8

ScalarDL Java Client SDK

This is a client-side Java library to interact with ScalarDL network.


The library is available on Maven Central. You can install it in your application using your build tool such as Gradle. For example in Gradle, you can add the following dependency to your build.gradle.

dependencies {
compile group: 'com.scalar-labs', name: 'scalardl-java-client-sdk', version: '<version>'



This library is mainly maintained by the Scalar Engineering Team, but of course we appreciate any help.

  • For asking questions, finding answers and helping other users, please go to stackoverflow and use scalardl tag.
  • For filing bugs, suggesting improvements, or requesting new features, help us out by opening an issue.


ScalarDL client SDK is dual-licensed under both the AGPL (found in the LICENSE file in the root directory) and a commercial license. You may select, at your option, one of the above-listed licenses. Regarding the commercial license, please contact us for more information.