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Version: 3.9

Configure a custom values file for ScalarDL Schema Loader

This document explains how to create your custom values file for the ScalarDL Schema Loader chart. If you want to know the details of the parameters, please refer to the README of the ScalarDL Schema Loader chart.

Required configurations

Database configurations

You must set schemaLoading.databaseProperties. Please set your to access the backend database to this parameter. Please refer to the Getting Started with ScalarDB for more details on the database configuration of ScalarDB.

databaseProperties: |

Schema type configurations

You must set schemaLoading.schemaType.

If you create the schema of ScalarDL Ledger, please set ledger.

schemaType: ledger

If you create the schema of ScalarDL Auditor, please set auditor.

schemaType: auditor

Optional configurations

If you want to use environment variables to set some properties (e.g., credentials) in the schemaLoading.databaseProperties, you can use schemaLoading.secretName to specify the Secret resource that includes some credentials.

For example, you can set credentials for a backend database (scalar.db.username and scalar.db.password) using environment variables, which makes your pods more secure.

Please refer to the document How to use Secret resources to pass the credentials as the environment variables into the properties file for more details on how to use a Secret resource.

secretName: "schema-loader-credentials-secret"

If you want to change the image repository, you can use schemaLoading.image.repository to specify which repository you want to use to pull the ScalarDL Schema Loader container image from.


Flags configurations (Optional based on your environment)

You can specify several flags as an array. Please refer to the document ScalarDB Schema Loader for more details on the flags.

- "--alter"
- "--compaction-strategy"
- "<compactionStrategy>"
- "--delete-all"
- "--no-backup"
- "--no-scaling"
- "--repair-all"
- "--replication-factor"
- "<replicaFactor>"
- "--replication-strategy"
- "<replicationStrategy>"
- "--ru"
- "<ru>"