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Version: 3.5 (unsupported)

Configure a custom values file for Scalar Manager

This document explains how to create your custom values file for the Scalar Manager chart. If you want to know the details of the parameters, please refer to the README of the Scalar Manager chart.

Required configurations

Service configurations

You must set service.type to specify the Service resource type of Kubernetes. If you want to use a load balancer provided by could providers, you need to set service.type to LoadBalancer.

type: LoadBalancer

Image configurations

You must set image.repository. Be sure to specify the Scalar Manager container image so that you can pull the image from the container repository.


Targets configurations

You must set scalarManager.targets. Please set the DNS Service URL that returns the SRV record of pods. Kubernetes creates this URL for the named port of the headless service of the Scalar product. The format is _{port name}._{protocol}.{service name}.{namespace}.svc.{cluster domain name}.

- name: Ledger
adminSrv: _scalardl-admin._tcp.scalardl-headless.default.svc.cluster.local
databaseType: cassandra
- name: Auditor
adminSrv: _scalardl-auditor-admin._tcp.scalardl-auditor-headless.default.svc.cluster.local
databaseType: cassandra

Grafana configurations

You must set the scalarManager.grafanaUrl. Please specify your Grafana URL.

grafanaUrl: "http://localhost:3000"

Optional configurations

Replica configurations (Optional based on your environment)

You can specify the number of replicas (pods) of Scalar Manager using replicaCount.

replicaCount: 3

Refresh interval configurations (Optional based on your environment)

You can specify the refresh interval that Scalar Manager checks the status of the products using scalarManager.refreshInterval.

refreshInterval: 30